Grandmaland Excerpts 2
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               Written by Brenda Ringhardt and Denise Sery
               Scene 45


               Robert drops Opal off and she goes and puts her hand on the
               door, lingering, she turns and waves a Robert as he pulls
               away.  When his car is out of site she runs around into the
               alley and meets Ruby and Roy.  Roy is dressed in a white
               uniform, with a little cap.  He looks at Opal.

                         Aren't you a little over dressed to
                         work at a hot dog stand?

                         What do you have to say about it,
                         Mr. Clean.

               The three of them make their way to the hot dog wagon.  They
               sit on nearby bench and wait. Two hours pass.  Doug pulls up
               beside the wagon in his van.  He gets out and walks over to

                         Hey, old dude, I'm Doug and this is
                         my wagon. Welcome to Winky Dinky
                         Dogs, an equal opportunity

                             (shaking his hand)
                         Thank you.  This are my co-workers,
                         Ruby and Opal.

                         Ladies, it's a pleasure.
                             (to Roy)
                         Co-workers? Right.

               Ruby and Opal look at Doug wondering what he's talking about.

                                   DOUG (CONT'D)
                         Okay, we just have two simple
                         rules.  Rule number one, this is
                         not a hot dog stand, it's a hot dog
                         wagon. Rule number two, you have to
                         step out the back door to smoke. 
                         See that's why Doug needs you, old
                         dude, so he can step out, you dig

               Doug walks over to the back door of the hot dog wagon and
               unlocks it, then gives Roy the key.  

                                   DOUG (CONT'D)
                         Stuff's inside.  We only sell one
                         thing, and that's dogs.  It's a dog
                         eat dog world, right?

               Doug turns to get in his van.  Roy, Ruby and Opal are left
               standing outside the dog wagon as Doug pulls away.  Roy looks
               down at the key in his hand.

                         Whatta we do now?

                         Looks like we're gonna sell some
                         hot dogs, Come on.

               The three of them load up in to the wagon.  Once inside Opal
               and Ruby are disgusted with the filth and begin to clean
               everything.  Roy checks out the menu and prices. They play
               with the rotisserie and after several attempts load it up
               with hot dogs.  

                         Oh, look, here comes our first

               A short, FAT MAN walks up to the window.

                         Can I help you?

                                   FAT MAN
                         I'd like three number ones and four
                         number twos and hold the onions on
                         one of the number twos, and no
                         mustard on all three of the number

                         Three number one specials.

                                   FAT MAN
                         Yeah, that's right and four number

                         Four number twos.

                                   FAT MAN
                         And don't forget to hold the onions
                         and the mustard.


               Roy and Opal are making the order.  Opal puts a hotdog in a
               bun and squeezes it accidentally and it shoots across the dog
               wagon past Ruby's head.  The Fat Man tries to look into the
               wagon and Ruby thinks he is looking at her.  She hands him
               his order and takes his money.  The man looks at his order.

                                   FAT MAN
                         There's no mustard on any of these.

                         That's because you said hold the
                         onions and mustard.

                                   FAT MAN
                         That was only on the number ones,
                         not the number twos.  A woman
                         you're age should be able to count.

                         Sir, you have seven hot dogs, and a
                         man your size shouldn't be eating
                         so many hot dogs.

                                   FAT MAN
                         They're not all for me, that's why
                         I wanted you to hold the mustard
                         and onions.

                         See?  No onions or mustard.

               The man is exasperated. 

                                   FAT MAN
                         Listen, lady, all I want is for you
                         to put mustard on three of the
                         number twos.

                         All I want is for you to kiss my
                         big black a--

               Roy clamps his hand over Ruby's mouth.  He uses the other
               hand to push out three hot dogs with mustard.

                         As we were saying, sir, three
                         number twos with mustard.  No

               The man feels justified and picks up the hotdogs.

                                   FAT MAN
                         Thank you.

               The man walks away. Roy gently takes Ruby by the shoulders
               and moves her out of the window and she is muttering under
               her breath the whole time.

                         Don't you be talking to me like
                         that, fat man, I turn you over my
                         knee.  You better show a little
                         respect for your elders...

               Roy takes Opal by the shoulders and puts her in the window. 
               Another customer, Luke from Robert's office, comes to the

                         Hello, how are you today?

                             (slightly surprised)
                         I am very well, thank you.

                         That's a really nice tie.  I got
                         one just like that for my grandson
                         last Christmas.

                         Well, thank you.  You know this is
                         must be a very popular tie, one of
                         the guys in my office has one, too.

                         That must mean you have good taste. 
                         So, what would you like to order

                         Two number twos with onions and
                         mustard and one King Kong Dinky dog
                         with the works.  That one's for my
                         boss, so make it a good one.

                         Is it a woman?

                         What?  No, no, it's a man.

               Roy and Ruby make the order. Opal slides the hotdogs out the
               window to Luke.

                         A big dog for a big man.  That's
                         seven dollars, please.

                         Here you go.  Thank you.

               Mark pays her and gathers up his order.

                         You have a nice day and I hope your
                         boss is impressed with your King
                         Kong Dinky Dong.
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