Grandmaland Excerpts
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               Written by Brenda Ringhardt and Denise Sery

               SCENE 8

               INT. GUEST HOUSE -DAY

               Moments later, some men in uniform (MOVING MAN #1 AND #2) are
               taping up boxes.  One of them is boxing up a checker board
               game. Robert walks in behind Opal, sees the board game and
               looks around.  

                         I remember how you used to play
                         checkers for hours with the
                         housekeeper's daughter, cute little
                         thing, what was her name?  What was
                         that awful nickname you called her?


                         Yes, Bug.

                                   MOVING MAN #1
                         We've packed the personal items you
                         listed, Mrs. Brown.  Right this

               The moving man and Opal go into the other room and Robert
               sits on the couch. In his mind he hears voices from the past
               laughing and talking while playing the game. 

               FLASH BACK: 

               Robert at the age of 8 with Bug, a girl of 7, with a small,
               but hopeless over bite and horn rimmed glasses are sitting
               across the checker board from one another.

                         I'm smarter than you.

               She jumps several of Robert's checkers.

                                   BUG (CONT'D)
                         And, I'm better at checkers.

               She's jumps more of Robert's men and Robert can't take it
               anymore and flips the board scattering checkers everywhere.

                                   BUG (CONT'D)
                         You're just a sore loser.  I'm
                         better than you and you know it.
                         Bobby Joe Brown, I'll always be
                         better than you.

                         Prove it.  Let's have a staring
                         contest, and if I win, you have to
                         bow down to me everyday and you
                         have to french kiss the dog!

                         OK, loser.

               They are in a very intense stare.  A short bit of time goes
               by and then Robert very slowly brings his hand up to his nose
               and pulls out a big booger and slowly wipes it right in the
               middle of her forehead.  There is a beat as they both take in
               what had just happened.  Then Bug screams and runs away.

                                   BUG (CONT'D)
                         I HATE YOU BOBBY JOE BROWN!

               Robert's mother takes Robert by the ear and places him on the
               couch.  Close up of Robert's face.

               END OF FLASH BACK.

               MATCH CUT:

               Adult Robert's face bearing the same expression.

               Opal returns and looks at Robert.  

                             (to Moving Man #2)
                         Just put these in the car.

               She sits down beside Robert, and he snaps out of his
               daydream.  He is uncomfortable from his stroll down memory

                                   OPAL (CONT'D)
                         You know, when you were a little
                         boy, and things weren't going
                         right, if you got in trouble, or
                         you had a skinned knee, we would
                         sit down on the couch together just
                         like this.  And I'd hold your hand. 
                             (taking his hand)
                         And it would make everything okay.

               Just then the moving men come up.  They speak to Robert even
               though all the possessions belong to Opal.

                                   MOVING MAN #1
                         Mr. Brown, we're ready for this
                         couch.  Are you finished here?

                         Yes, we're finished.

               Opal and Robert look at each other and then get up off the
               couch.  He picks up his grandma's suitcase and they leave.  
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