Little Ida’s Flowers

Making Lives for Imaginary People

This is an idea that hasn’t quite “blossomed.” I found these pictures in an antique store years and years ago, and I knew I had to have them. I had gotten them thinking I would put them in the nursery for my children. They were lost at my Mother’s house only to be rediscovered when she moved. When I saw them again I was astounded–they are costume drawings for this show.

Curiously, I only seem to want to work on this project in that narrow window between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and I always have to buy a small pot of flowers to put on my desk when I work.

My best friend Brenda has written the melody line and lyrics for the show–it screams to be a musical. I have to brag on her a bit. She sat on my couch with a yellow legal pad and a #2 pencil and roughed out the show’s music in a afternoon.

I still can’t figure out what this story was going to grow up to be. Don’t worry, I will eventually know.

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