The Christmas Story

Making Lives for Imaginary People

I had mulled over the idea of a multidisciplinary show with a choir, dancers, and musicians. As it turned out, no one wanted to collaborate. One day, inspiration came to my best pal, Brenda Ringhardt, and she set out to gather everyone that we needed. The first year, we performed with the New Prospect choir, and they were marvelous! The Jaycees bought all the dance dresses and the men’s pants for us, so we had this beautiful unity (and mobility) for the dancers. The show was only about an hour, but we got the approval of our old drama teacher, Alice Rollo, so we continued.

The next year we fleshed out the show and every one involved put their stamp on the evolution it. Emory Molitor picked great songs, Michael Levesque helped me with the lifts in The Word Was Made Flesh, Duncan Milner came up with the Jesus effect for The World Was Made Flesh as well. Janet Cook came on board and took over the costuming where I left off. Ken Futterer designed all the audio, and Ardith Morris brought beautiful earthiness as the director.

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